I was not a big success as a student. I didn’t enjoy studying, and no matter how hard I tried I never came top in anything (except social science and art, the two subjects I liked). I was disappointed in myself, and it limited my outlook on life. And then by chance, I discovered the profession of creating clothes. It was like being struck by lightning. Through designing and making clothes, I could express my creativity and bring delight to people. I had never dreamed that work like this existed and I loved it. I threw myself into the study of clothes so much I didn’t want to stop to sleep.

Another thing I discovered when I was younger was the value of teamwork. I realized how working in a team with an inspiring leader multiplies the power of the individual. And this was why I joined a company. Through close daily co-operation and sometimes even confrontation my colleagues and I pursued our goal of shaping our dreams into clothing.

Over time we were able to bring great pleasure to our many customers, and eventually we bought our division from the parent corporation and took it private as our own company. And that is how GALERIE DE POP came to be.

When I first began working in clothing, I determined that I was going to meet challenges head on and never run away from difficulties. And all of us are united in our determination to rework and refine even the tiniest details to realize our designs. It’s what you would expect from people whose first love is creating clothes, and it’s the vision/mission that unifies GALERIE DE POP.

Tsukasa Kobayashi, President, GALERIE DE POP

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    Creation and delivery of clothes

    GALERIE DE POP is a clothes-maker. The clothes-maker’s mission is to create clothes that meet his or her standards and the needs of the customer; to deliver them in a timely fashion; to provide value beyond price; and to delight customers with their purchase.

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    Natural and stylish

    Defining a natural and stylish look with words alone is difficult. To achieve our beautifully balanced, natural and stylish look we maintain a company-wide dialog that draws on the strengths and inspirations of staff across all departments to realize the best in products and services.

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    Obsessing about every detail

    We devote ourselves to the details of what we love, but the ultimate measure of an item is the customer’s appreciation: we can only judge our creations after they are in the customers’ hands. So we always keep the customer’s satisfied face in mind as we work and rework the details.

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    Leveraging Teamwork

    A company is a team, as are the individual divisions and departments. And while we believe in the individuality of each of our employees, we also stress the value of teamwork. Because we believe it’s the team and the team leader that brings out the best in each individual.

  • 05

    Bring delight to customers

    At GALERIE DE POP we have two objectives. The first is to go beyond simply pleasing our customers. We want to delight them with the natural and stylish clothes we love.

  • 06

    Live with pride

    We live for what we love. The challenge of doing what we love so deeply is well rewarded by the pride we feel when a customer is delighted. And this is the second of our objectives, our ultimate objective: to please ourselves by delighting our customers.



Live for waht you love

When you love something, there can be no compromises. And to give up on what you love is to give up on yourself. At GALERIE DE POP we live for what we love it is our way. We devote ourselves to creating fine, beautifully-made, natural and stylish clothes that bring enjoyment to every day. Clothing that delights customers. This is what we love, and what we live for.